Pub League Report 5/14

May 18, 20230

Man Shave (5|6) vs. The Irish Rover (8|15)

The Irish Rover have proven to be the team to beat year — making a strong reclaim or the trophy in these first few Pub League matches. They did not lack for goals or points this match. Really driving them home from wherever on the field.


Man Shave put up a great fight though. Their goals matched The Rover pretty well, but they lacked in points. As the old adage goes, points equals goals… Scoring from a distance on the field seems like a good strategy going forward against The Rover as the season progresses.



Bayer Ear Clinic (7|10) vs. Talnua (5|10)

Talnua was down quite a few key players this weekend, but still managed to have nine players make it from their roster to put up a good fight.

Kiefert maintained his reputation as a goal scoring machine on Bayer’s full forward line. Murphy and Ashely did a great job playing defense against him in the first half yet he was able to sneak by some good shots on Ben in goal. Talnua had a strong midfield presence though, with Tim (BFT), Chavez, and Paul making plays up and down the field and scoring from a distance.

In the second half, BFT moved to guarding Kiefert, which was the right play. Talnua was able to score several goals and keep Adam’s count down low to make the match a loss by 2 goals.

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