Pub League 2022 is Upon Us!

May 18, 20230

I don’t know about you, but the warm spring days are making me antsy for hurling pub league to get rolling!

New Players and a New Draft

Riding a triumphant wave of recruitment into our season, we have a host of new players joining the Denver Gaels. To shake things up, we’ve redrafted our four teams to weave new and veteran players together for a healthy bought of balanced competition this year.

First Up: Talnua vs. Bayer Ear Clinic

Captains K-Buck and Sean Sweeney have a strong roster this year with Kiefert and Sheedy in the forward line — any keeper will have their work cut out for them if Bayer can feed them the ball reliably. Though, Talnua is looking pretty strong in the back-line with Tim Shaw (BFT) and Macker. If Keith Healy stays strong in the midfield, the game will be a close one!

Second Game: Man Shave vs. The Rover

The Rover won pub league last year, but they have a whole new roster of players. They drafted strongly with hurling Jesus, Peter — able to run the entire field without tiring, Man Shave’s captains Deb and Anthony will have to ensure everyone’s legs are warmed up. We’ll see if Rover captains Kate and Ryan were able to pull together another winning team or if Man Shave will set the stage for stealing their trophy…

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