Laurie Bakes-Gleissner

May 18, 20230

How Did You Get Into Irish Sports?

Recruited by a drinking buddy at Fado when she found out I played college soccer.

What Is Your Preferred Sport/What Position Do You Play?

Camogie — I think I like half forward best, but I am starting to like midfield.

How Long Have You Been With the Denver Gaels?

I played football for about 6 years, then quit for a while, then came back in 2017 to focus on Camogie. Maybe 10ish years total, but not consecutive and not in the same sport.


Favorite Memory or Moment With the Denver Gaels?

Meeting Chris Gleissner… and traveling for tournaments.

What Are You Most Looking Forward to This Season?

Traveling with Camogie and playing in tournaments.

If You Could Attend Any Sporting Event, What Would It Be?

Women’s World Cup Games

Best Advice You’ve Received?

Take. Your. Steps.

If You Could Be Any Sportsperson for a Day, Who Would It Be and Why?

I would be a sports editor for the Denver Post — then I could hear all the best sports stories and check out all the great action shots before deciding which ones get the final cut. Plus, I would make sure women’s sports actually receive coverage.

If You Won a Million Dollars, What Would Be Your First Purchase?

A mountain cabin

The 10 Best Mountain Cabins And Lodges To Stay In During The Winter

Favorite Movie, TV Show, or Book?

Movie — Home Alone;  TV Show — The Witcher; Book — Dune

Why Should Others Join the Denver Gaels?

F.U.N.  You can stay fit and have fun in the sun with teammates who are a blast!


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Gaelic Games are a collection of traditional sports that are native to Ireland: hurling, football, camogie handball and rounders.


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