April 1st: New Player Clinic
  • 10am – 2pm
  • Ralston Recreation Area
April 8th: All level scrimmage
  • 9:15am – 2pm
  • Ralston Recreation Area

Info: This will be an extension of the New Player Clinic, focused on mixing the new players with the returning players in a low intensity environment. If you missed the New Player Clinic, that’s okay too! We’ll catch you up first thing! If you’re a returning player, it’s highly recommended you attend at 10. We’re confident you will still learn something from this.

  • 9:15a-10a – If you missed the New Player Clinic, this time is set aside to catch brand new players up on the basic skills. Other New Players also welcome for a refresher.
  • 10a – Rules 101
  • 10:15 – Education Scrimmage begins.

The structure will be four 10-minute quarters with coaches on the sideline observing play. Between each quarter, we will have a 5 to 10 minute discussion of what we saw on the pitch to allow players to learn and make adjustments in the following quarter. The floor will be open for questions and clarifications at any time and this is the best time to have concerns addressed so they can be discussed with the entire group. Remember, if you’re thinking it, chances are you’re not the only one. If new players are having difficulty at any time, there will be a coach on the sideline they will be able to talk t and practice a skill with if needed.

The Final Details

All you need to bring are a pair of athletic shoes (cleats if you have them) and we’ll supply the rest.

Lastly, please fill out this form to reserve a spot at our new player clinics.


Gaelic Games are a collection of traditional sports that are native to Ireland: hurling, football, camogie handball and rounders.


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