After a successful 2021 Pub League featuring new team jerseys, medals, and a brilliant league trophy, we are putting even more focus on our Pub League for 2022. To start, we are planning a special draft night social event to reveal this year’s teams and get excited for competition. Plus, we are expanding Pub League to include Gaelic football teams!

And, as part of the ramp-up toward bringing the 2023 USGAA Nationals to Denver, our club is putting focus on Pub League as a competitive way to hone our club members’ skills. To that end, membership as a Denver Gael, including USGAA registration, will be required in order to compete in our hurling/camogie and Gaelic Football Pub Leagues. Denver Gaels should complete registration by March 25th.

2022 will be a great year focused on making the Denver Gaels the absolute best players they can be heading into 2023 and we will get great competition as well. We are excited to get back to game action!

As with past years, teams are co-ed and all matches will be refereed.

Support the Other Teams

Whichever hour your team does not play you are expected to offer support as a linesperson, goal umpire, referee, or to help with set up and take down of the goals and cones. You may be rewarded with adult treats.



Ralston Recreation Area in Arvada (64th and Simms / In front of Arvada West High School)


Gaelic Games are a collection of traditional sports that are native to Ireland: hurling, football, camogie handball and rounders.


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