Henry “Big Rig” Dietrick

Date of Birth?  


How Did You Get Into Irish Sports?  

My buddy Chris in Pittsburgh recruited me. Gaelic is huge back east and I was hooked instantly.  

What is Your Preferred Position?  

I have two left feet which means I’m pretty much stuck on defense. 

Any GAA Idols Growing Up?  

Brendan Mcguinness  

How Long Have You Been With the Denver Gaels?  

Two years, but this was the first full season because of covid.  

Favorite Memory or Moment With the Denver Gaels?  

The Seattle tournament with the boys was a blast. I was stationed out that way several years ago, so it was surreal to be back in that capacity. That trip was the perfect mix of sightseeing, sports, and going out with the lads.  

If You Could Attend Any Sporting Event, What Would it Be?  

I would love to see Mayo lose an all-Ireland in person. Would be unreal to be part of that historic losing streak.  

Best Advice You’ve Received?  

A green beret with first group once told me: 

“Look cool and know what you’re doing; if you don’t know what you’re doing look cool.”  

Favorite Song?  

Got to shout out my man Meatloaf, “Bat Out of Hell”.

Who Would You Say Is the Biggest Party Animal on the Team?  

Tommy, Brendan, and Frodo throw down with the best of them. Tony is no slouch either.  

Toughest Denver Gael You’ve Trained With and Why?  

Cormac is a pain, the kid has got a gas tank like a Prius and will go for days.  

If You Could Be Any Sportsperson for a Day, Who Would it Be and Why?  

Early Mike Tyson — he was just one of the baddest men to walk God’s green earth and he knew it.  

Funniest Person on the Team?  

That’s anyone’s guess. These boys cut up with the best of ‘em. As long as they’re not making fun of me they’re funny. 

Last Book You Read?  

Would love to say something smart like Don Quixote… but Children of the Corn 

If You Won a Million Dollars, What Would Be Your First Purchase?  

Doge coin to the moooooon baby!

What’s Your Choice of Shot on a Night Out?  

Whiskey at home, tequila for the bars. 

What Are You Looking Forward to the Most This Season? 

I think we have a really talented team of new comers. It’ll be a lot of fun to watch people grow and develop their skill. 

Why Should Others Join the Denver Gaels?  

Gaelic is easy to learn — fast paced and fun. Denver is a city of transplants and it’s hard for people to make new groups of friends. Gaelic is an awesome way to meet new people and get a great workout in.