Brendan McGuinness


Which Code(s) Do You Play?

Gaelic football.

How Did You Get Into Irish Sports?

Grew up in a big GAA area. It was inevitable, and sometimes compulsory.

What is Your Preferred Position?

Left half forward.

Any GAA Idols Growing Up?

Fellow Down man and fellow Brendan. Benny Coulter

Benny Coulter's flare can be driving force for Down -

How Long Have You Been With the Denver Gaels?

This will be my second season.

King or Tayto?

That’s easy, it’s Tayto. The real question is northern Tayto or southern Tayto? The answer is… They’re both class.

Toughest Denver Gael You’ve Trained With and Why?

Zach Walker. Impossible to get around those arms.

What’s Your Choice of Shot on a Night Out?

Whiskey Distillery | Talnua Distillery | Arvada, CO | United States

Great mango mules in the summer.

Why Should Others Join the Denver Gaels?

Fun way to get fit and meet people.