Completing the Two-Step Registration Process

Denver Gaels Club Membership and Dues

Registering with the Denver Gaels is as simple as filling out the form on our Club Membership page. There you can register as a new, returning, or social member. In that same form, you will also be asked to provide some information to be drafted onto a Pub League team (you not longer have to fill out two forms!).

You can sign up to play a single sport or both. Being a dual code player is a great way to increase your fitness and experience the full range of the club.

Registering With the USGAA

Once you have filled our the Denver Gaels membership form and paid your yearly dues, you will have to register with the USGAA. The USGAA’s registration portal lacks a bit of UX finesse, so we’ve put together a handy guide to help you through the process.

To register with the USGAA follow this link. Then use the guide below to complete the process.

1) Choose the Southwest Division

2) Create a New Member Account or Use Your Existing Account


3) Select the Name You Entered to be Registered

4) Pick the Registration Category (Hurling/Camogie or Ladies’/Men’s Football)

DO NOT select “Denver Gaels USGAA Club Fees”. Men’s registration is $63 and Women’s is $42.

5) Fill Out All Survey Fields.

These answers create reports for the club. They also allow you to be a dual code player (Hurling/Camogie + Footbal) See example below to register as a dual code player.