2023 Club Membership

To register with the Gaels please complete the following 2 PART process. 

PART 1 – Register as a Denver Gael

PART 2 – Register as a GAA Individual ($63 male / $43 Female / $10 Social)

  1. Use the following site to register by choosing the SOUTHWEST Division (please bookmark for future use)
  2. Create a new member account or use your existing account from the previous year (Note if you are using an existing account and have forgotten your password you can reset the password here too).
  3. If a new account, fill in the relevant details to create the account and sign in
  4. Pick the name you entered to be registered
  5. Pick the registration category (Club / Code or Club / Social) and continue
  6. Fill out all fields in the survey and continue. These answers are required for creating reports for your club
  7. Checkout and pay associated registration fee. You will receive a receipt and confirmation email. Once registered, a player can review their status by logging into Stack Sports using the member login.