Denver Gaels Hall of Legends

Kyle Shane:

The Denver Gaels Legend Kyle Shane joined the club in 2007 and immediately became one of the best Camogie players that the Denver Gaels has ever seen. Her passion for the sport and the club sparked a new era for the Camogie team as Kyle led the charge into the creation of the “Rogue Camogs” a collaboration club of members of the Denver Gaels and Twin Cities. The Rogue Camogs, under Kyles leadership, won the National Championships in 2011, bringing home the first cup for a ladies team Denver Gaels history. Kyle’s continued passion for the club expanded over the following years as she joined the committee, holding a number of positions and then finally becoming the club president in 2014. Her time as president saw a large increase in the in club memberships and also helped to bring the club into the national focus as she continued to develop lasting relationships with other clubs from around the USGAA. Kyle stepped down as president in 2015 but has left a lasting impression on the club and and many of the individuals that competed with her over the years. She was inducted into the Denver Gaels Hall of Legends in 2019. 

Shay Dunne:
The Denver Gaels Legend Shay Dunne was a founding member of the club and a Gaelic Footballer. Shay moved to Denver from Dublin, bringing along a never ending collection of blue jerseys. He also brought along a strong passion for the game that he wished to share with anyone who would listen. Shay has been a part of every winning team that the Denver Gaels has sent to national competition since he started with the club. Though Shay began his time as a footballer, he has always shown to be a master player and coach of both Irish sports. There isn’t a hurler past or present that can kick the sliotar further or with more accuracy than Shay Dunne, which just goes to show how his combined talents stretch from sport to sport.  His presence on the pitch, on the sidelines and in the club community have driven the club to become a better, more fit, and more tight knit club over his many years with the team. His passion for the club has always been known and felt, and every member that has played with him can feel his enthusiasm for the sport. Shay has held many committee positions over his long tenure with the club. He continues to be a crucial member of our community and plays a vital role in club relationships with other USGAA organizations. He was inducted into the Denver Gaels Hall of Legends in 2019. 
Alan Murphy:
The Denver Gaels Legend Alan Murphy Joined the club as a founding member in 1996. Originally hailing from Cork, Alan Murphy can typically be see sporting a red Jersey to club events. His combined love for Cork shows through in the original red and white club jerseys that the Denver Gaels have donned at hundreds of events in our history that he helped to design. His lasting influence and love for the club has been felt by hundreds of members over his long involvement with the team. Alan’s on field talent helped the club win a national football championship in 2000 and a national hurling championship in 2007. His contributions to the team didn’t stop there however. After hanging up his boots  Alan continued to support the club as a coach and manager for nearly all codes over the following years. His mentor-ship and influence assisted the club to yet another championship trophy as the Camogie team won in 2011. His influence will be felt for many years to come, especially on the Hurling pitch as we continue to play “Whole Hearted Hurling”, just as he always preached. Alan has held MANY committee positions over the years and his guidance will always be a guiding light for the club. Alan Murphy was inducted into the Denver Gaels Hall of Legends in 2020.