2021 Hurling League

2021 Hurling Pub League

With COVID-19 still a reality, we will do our best to host a Hurling Pub League in 2021. We will follow all local health and safety guidelines to ensure we do our part to minimize our impact.

As with past years, teams are co-ed and all matches will be refereed.

Location: Ralston Recreation Area in Arvada (64th and Simms / In front of Arvada West High School)

Whichever hour your team does not play you are expected to offer support as a linesman, goal umpire, referee, or to help with set up and take down of the goals and cones.

2021 Pub League Report

Pub League Breakdown 5/2

Thunderstorms and rain threatened to cancel pub league once again… But as the weather is wont to do in Colorado, the inclement weather over Ralston Recreational park passed quickly and made for a wonderfully cool afternoon for some hurling. Game 1: Bayer Ear Clinic (2-9) v Talnua (3-11) Talnua (Munster) scored an automatic win this weekend since Bayer (Ulster) was forced to forfeit because they did not have seven players on their roster available to play. Bayer did pick up a few players from The Rover and Man Shave so the two teams could have a competitive scrimmage. Talnua had O’Hare in goal for the first time this year, giving Colin a chance to play in the forward line. As always, Jamie proved to be a strong force on the Bayer side — scoring points with laser-like precision wherever he scooped up a ball on the field. Cody and Keefe...
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Pub League 4/25 Recap

After a week of on and off snow, the April weather turned for the better and made for a beautiful sunny day for some hurling! Game 1: Connacht (9-10) v Munster (3-10) Connacht came out strong for their second match of the season. Munster being down a few key players, had their work cut out for them against scoring powerhouses Kiefert in the full-forward line and Brendan from the middle of the field. Brendan was probably the player of the match — if given the ball, he could send it over the bar from pretty much anywhere on the field. Munster held their own though. Cody was able to send a good number of balls over the ball for some points, and Keefe managed to get two in the net. And in his first match of the season, Oscar was able to score a point. The points were pretty even...
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2021 Hurling Pub League Standings

1 Connacht 2 0 1 6
2 Leinster 2 0 1 6
3 Munster 1 0 2 3
4 Ulster 1 0 2 3

2021 Hurling Pub League Schedule

Pub League Rules:
We will play with as little as 7 players on a team.Any fewer players on a team and that team will forfeit, even if fill-in players are available.Max of 13 players per team on the field at a time. Captains to agree on team sizes prior to the start of the match. Captains from the opposing team MUST APPROVE ALL FILL-IN PLAYERS. Ties will go to a shoot out. 3 shots on goalie from the 21. Must be 3 different players. 22 minute halves, 5 minutes at half time. If people/managers are still trying to figure things out they will lose time. Commissioner will have final say on all disputes. Yelling at ref will lose the team a player for 2 minutes. Commissioner, or Club President will have the ability to send players off for yelling at ref, even if they aren’t involved with the game.

Team Rosters


Ryan Coon
Kate Behan
Andrew Young
Ben Marcum
Bingo Byrne
Brandon Donovan
Caitlin Blaisdell-Buck
Chris G.
John Slattery
Keith M Healy
Kyle Dunne
Kyle Williams
Lyssa Gad
Matt McGuire
Shannon Sweeny
Tim Hasting
Tyler Boisvert
Patrick Burns
Curran O’Brian
Adrian Stahlbaum
Eddie Moore
Brian McCarthy
Rory Keller
Andy Woods



Cormac Delaney
Sean Sweeney
Adam Kiefert
Adam Oleary
Arica Williams
Brendan K Reed
Brian Kearney
Gary Lee Baker
John Nolte
Keith Buckley
Krista Zampacorta
Phil Amateis
Ryan Funk
Sarah Meyer
Sean Sullivan
Timothy Shaw
Kaitlyn Mascher
Jenny Park
Ben Stanislowsky
Sam Westmoreland
Michael Mitchell
Ben Vincent




Keefe Garrett
Paul Kosempel
Carin (Oscar) Solis
Colin Lee
Dan Allen
Ethan Colson
Heather Oglesby
Johnathan Morris
Kendall Mallon
Kevin McCabe
Lindsey Erin Meszaros
Matt Jacko
Michael McGowan
Peter Salazar
Sarah Massingill
Trey Perrin
Cody Hedges
Sarah Gjestbang
Ally Murphy
Neil Prinster
John Boyce
Nic Bergman




Jamie Haskell
Shay Dunne
Betsy Coon
Bobby Kanaly
Brian Arnold
David Murphy
Greg Sheedy
Henry Deitrick
Joe Burpoe
Kim Van Wagner
Laurie Bakes
Michael Schaefer
Patrick Behan
Patrick Folan
Spencer Frady
Tab Bannigan
Tim Phelan
Shane Glackin
Michael Abbotron
Kate Buckler
Nick Case
Damien Griffin