2022 Hurling League

2022 Hurling Pub League

After a successful 2021 Pub League featuring new team jerseys, medals, and a brilliant league trophy, we are putting even more focus on our Pub League for 2022. To start, we are planning a special draft night social event to reveal this year’s teams and get excited for competition. Plus, we are expanding Pub League to include Gaelic football teams!

And, as part of the ramp-up toward bringing the 2023 USGAA Nationals to Denver, our club is putting focus on Pub League as a competitive way to hone our club members’ skills. To that end, membership as a Denver Gael, including USGAA registration, will be required in order to compete in our hurling/camogie and Gaelic Football Pub Leagues. Denver Gaels should complete registration by March 25th.

2022 will be a great year focused on making the Denver Gaels the absolute best players they can be heading into 2023 and we will get great competition as well. We are excited to get back to game action!

As with past years, teams are co-ed and all matches will be refereed.

Support the Other Teams

Whichever hour your team does not play you are expected to offer support as a linesperson, goal umpire, referee, or to help with set up and take down of the goals and cones. You may be rewarded with adult treats.


Ralston Recreation Area in Arvada (64th and Simms / In front of Arvada West High School)


Pub League Report

Pub League Report 5/14

Man Shave (5|6) vs. The Irish Rover (8|15) The Irish Rover have proven to be the team to beat year — making a strong reclaim or the trophy in these first few Pub League matches. They did not lack for goals or points this match. Really driving them home from wherever on the field. Man Shave put up a great fight though. Their goals matched The Rover pretty well, but they lacked in points. As the old adage goes, points equals goals… Scoring from a distance on the field seems like a good strategy going forward against The Rover as the season progresses.   Bayer Ear Clinic (7|10) vs. Talnua (5|10) Talnua was down quite a few key players this weekend, but still managed to have nine players make it from their roster to put up a good fight. Kiefert maintained his reputation as a goal scoring machine on Bayer’s...
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First Pub League of 2022

We couldn’t have asked for a better spring day to kick off this year’s pub league — the sun was shining but not too hot, and barely any breeze to compensate for. Bayer Ear Clinic (5|2) vs. Talnua (6|8) The competition was stiff for this first match. With a host of new players on either side and veterans shaking off the winter rust, focusing on the fundamentals was the key. Kiefert proved to be a strong force for Bayer in the full forward position. When Matt McGuire was able to poc balls directly to him, he barreled towards the goal — though Keith Healey had some great saves against Kiefert’s shots. Talnua had some new players, Matthew and Chavez, hold down the midfield for the first half. For their first game, they did a great job of catching poc outs and rounding up loose balls, moving them to the full...
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2022 Hurling Pub League Standings

1 Bayer Ear Clinic 0 0 0 0
2 Man Shave 0 0 0 0
3 Talnua 0 0 0 0
4 The Irish Rover 0 0 0 0

2022 Hurling Pub League Schedule

Pub League Rules

Unless contradicted by the rules below, the Rules of Play are dictated by the Official GAA Guide as found at https://www.gaa.ie/the-gaa/rules-regulations/

  1. Teams will field 11-a-side. Teams shall play down to 7-a-side as needed without forfeiture of a match. Teams may play up to 13-a-side at the discretion of both captains.
  2. Teams are allowed to “borrow” players without forfeiture, given the prior approval of the opposing team’s captain.
  3. Unlimited, rolling substitutes are permitted in each game. Substitutions are to be made during dead ball situations and the referee must be informed prior to the substitution taking place.
  4. Games will consist of 20 minute halves with 5 minute half times. There will be a minimum of 5 minutes between games to allow teams to warm-up prior to their match.
  5. Regular League Scoring system
    1. Win = 3pts, Loss = 0pt.
  6. All ties will go to a shootout. 3 penalty shots (only Goalie allowed in box, taken from the 21m). Shots must all be taken by different players. If tie remains after initial 3 penalty shots, continued penalty shots will be taken, one by each team by a continued diversity of players, until tie is broken.
  7. The Pub League Commissioner will have the final say on all disputes.
  8. The Pub League Commissioner, Club President, or individual entitled to act on their behaves, will have the ability to send players off the field or away from the grounds for yelling at the ref, their teammates, or the other team, even if they aren’t involved with the game.
  9. As a co-ed league, Camogie players will follow the Official GAA Guide’s rules for Hurling, except for the following Camogie specific rules below. Camogs may:
    1. Hand-pass the sliotar to score a point only.
    2. Take Frees from the 45-meter line.
    3. After a score only, a camogie keeper may take the puck out from up to the 13m line and within the large parallelogram. If a puck out is not preceded by a score, it shall still be taken from within the small parallelogram.
    4. When the sliotar is played directly over the crossbar from a sideline puck, the score will be worth two points, provided it is not touched in flight by any player on the attacking or defending teams.

Team Rosters

The Irish Rover

Ryan Coon
Kate Behan
Adam O’Leary
Andrew Boggus
Ben Vincent
Bobby Kanaly
Brian Arnold
Curran O’Brien
Jamie Haskell
Jennifer Park
John Slattery
Keefe Garrett
Kevin McCabe
Patrick Burns
Peter Salazar
Shannon Sweeney
Kyle Staarman
Sabrina StoneSender


Man Shave

Deb Rhodes
Anthony Sheehan
Cody Hedges
Colm Flannery
Connor Gill
Gus Delaporte
Kaitlyn Mascher-Mace
Laura Bakes-Gleissner
Matt Jakubowski
Michael O’Brien
Molly Fulton
Patrick Behan
Shawn Sprinkle
Shay Dunne
Spencer Frady
Tom Gaughan
Trisha Eberlein
Eamon Patrick
Lindsey Meszaros




John Nolte
Keith Healy
Ashley Moller
Brian Faherty
Brian Mack
Colin Lee
David Murphy
James Walton
Kendall Mallon
Lyssa Gad
Nathan Chavez
Paul Kosempel
Sam Westmoreland
Sinead Browne
Timothy Shaw
Tyler Gail
Matthew Canaday
Kelly Keener


Bayer Ear Clinic


Sean Sweeney
Adam Kiefert
Bill Gjestvang
Chris Cummings
Chris Gleissner
Colin Denvir
Elaine Banner-Ferguson
Greg Sheedy
Heather Oglesby
Jared Sanders
Kyle Dunne
Matt McGuire
Niall Carrig
Sarah Gjestvang
Sean Sullivan
Jessica Fletcher
Logan Wallace