2019 Hurling League

2019 Hurling Pub League

The 2019 Hurling Pub League will kick off in April. Regardless of experience, due-paying Gaels will be sorted into four “pub league sponsor” teams and will play in a round-robin tournament lasting through the summer months. Teams are co-ed and all matches will be refereed.

Our friends at Regulators Hurling will captain the Ingas team. 

Location: Stenger Soccer Complex in Arvada

Whichever hour your team does not play you are expected to offer support as a linesman, goal umpire, referee, or to help with set up and take down of the goals and cones.

2019 Hurling Pub League Standings

1 The Irish Rover 5 0 2 15
2 Ingas 4 0 3 12
3 The Fainting Goat 3 0 4 9
4 Remax Boulder 2 0 5 6

Pub League Rules:
We will play with as little as 7 players on a team.Any fewer players on a team and that team will forfeit, even if fill-in players are available.Max of 13 players per team on the field at a time.Captains to agree on team sizes prior to the start of the match.Captains from the opposing team MUST APPROVE ALL FILL-IN PLAYERS. Ties will go to a shoot out. 3 shots on goalie from the 21. Must be 3 different players22 minute halves, 5 minutes at half time.First half time starts promptly at start of game. If people/managers are still trying to figure things out they will lose time.Commissioner (Bobby) will have final say on all disputes. Yelling at ref will lose the team a player for 2 minutes.Commissioner, or Club President will have the ability to send players off for yelling at ref, even if they aren’t involved with the game.


Brian O’Haire
Katie Buckler
John Connelly
Robert Perrin
Sam Westmoreland
Ryan Coon
Matthew Jakubowski
Lloyd Chavez
Jeff Posey
David Hyland
Chris Gleisner
Michael Shaefer
Darrick Feuriger
Colby Drake
Brendan Reed
Tim Phelan
Killian Collins
Sean Blumhardt
Jacob Poppe
Pat Folan
Liz Cummings


Sean Sweeney
Deb Rhodes
Kyle Dunne
Adam Kiefert
Steven Hindman
Ally Murphy
Eric Schilling
Andrew Alvarez
Peter Danyluck
John Slattery
Cabbage Fiedorowics
Mike Prince
Wes Sherwood
Robert Kanaly
Brian Arnold
Tyler Boisvert
Adam Harper
Kelly Nauman
Ben Marcum
Cody Reubel
Tim Plant



Paul Kosempel
Keith Healy
Kendall Mallon
Kim Van Wagner
Peter Salazar
Dougie Hindman
Brian McCarthy
Chet VanSwearingen
Oscar Solis
Michael McGowan
JD Boswell
Niall Byrne
Ryan Funk
Nate Civilli
Max Fretter
Colin Lee
Adam Oleary
Phil Amateis
Matt McGuire
John Nolte
Sean Sullivan
Kate Kelly

The Irish Rover


Kevin McCabe
Kate Behan
John Boyce
Mike McMahon
Patrick Behan
Tim Shaw
Sarah Gjestvang
Bill Gjestvang
Andy Reynolds
Seamus Dunne
Sean McGuirk
Michael Kaag
Ethan Colson
Kyle Cottengim
Dan McCullor
Shannon Sweeney
Keith Buckley
Jamie Haskell
Keef Garrett
Cormac Delaney
Krista Zampacara