The Last Regular Season Game of Pub League for 2021

Bright cerulean skies with a mild heat after a wet couple of days provided and excellent Sunday for some hurling. Our bulk order of new jerseys arrived too, which allowed some of us to start evening out the tans on our arms—mostly adding some pink instead of bronze.

Talnua (5-11) vs The Rover (3-20)

The Rover started off the first half strong—taking advantage of any open space Talnua left in the middle of the field. While Brian O’Haire tried to put the ball into open space, if one if his targets on Talnua wasn’t there, The Ryan or Keith on the Rover were sure to scoop it up.

Macker was a major asset for The Rover. He ran all over his defensive zone covering any Talnua player who held the ball, and would send it right back down the field to his full forwards.

After a strategic discussion during the half-time break, Talnua came back strong—staying tight on the players they were supposed to cover, making space for puck outs, and communicating passes. Peter stood out at the top scorer for them, scoring two goals and five points. But in the end the points scored between Slattery, McGuire, and O’neill pushed them to victory.

Bayer Ear Clinic (9-8) vs Man Shave (11-18)

Man Shave showed up strong for this last match of the regular Pub League season. Kiefert demonstrated his goal scoring skills—putting seven of them in the net. Brendan also provided a high number of points from the middle of the field. Overall Man Shave played well together, maintaining good communications to connect plays.

Bayer picked up several players from the first match to provide some subs. Communication was probably their downfall. With a bit more talking, they could have closed some of the holes Man Shave took advantage of. They did have a strong second half, closing the goal gap, but did not have enough points to edge them into victory. Bobby had a great match, scoring a good number of Bayer’s points and goals, but also setting up well orchestrated plays with the rest of his team.