Recap of the 5/23 Pub League Games

Strong, gusty, winds blowing down the field proved to be a wildcard factor for both matches.

The Rover (14-13) v. Bayer Ear Clinic (6-4)

The Rover was forced forfeited due to having fewer than seven members of their roster make it out to play. They did pull some players from the second game to fill in and give Bayer a challenging match.

Tyler played well in the full forward position, scoring several goals for The Rover — even sending a few over the bar on this weakside and despite having cracked his fourth wooden hurley this season.

Jaime held his own on defense against the strong player the Rover has and picked up to play the match, scoring several points from a distance in defiance of the wind. Kim also had a great game putting up a good fight for loose balls and putting pressure on The Rover.









The second half proved difficult for Bayer playing against the wind. Yet B.A. played strong for them on the full forward line rounding up stray balls and playing well with Damien.

Talnua (5-11) v. Man Shave (14-12)

This was the first 13-a-side game the Denver Gaels have been able to play this year. And it proved that positioning is key.

Battling against the wind, Talnua had a rough first half. The wind shortening puck outs exposed some position weakness in the midfield for Man Shave’s strong players in the midfield and half forward line — Cormac, Brendan, and O’Leary — to take advantage of. While Peter and Keefe did a great job of running into space, Kiefert remained a strong force on the full forward line for Man Shave giving Kendall a challenge as a full back. Even though Kendall put up a good fight for some in coming balls, Kiefert managed to score seven goals in the game.

With the wind at their back for the second half Talnua turned things around. With a few position changes, they were able to connect puck outs and passes together more seamlessly and score several points — Keefe even score a few from a distance, sneaking them into the top corners.

New Player Highlight

Wes played his first game ever this Sunday for Talnua, and showed surprising physicality for his debut game. He was involved in several big hits and tumbles of the game. Once he gains some experience, he could be a tough player.

Nic did a great job in the second half when he switched to a full back position. Man Shave’s Phil has great hands — able to catch mach 5 passes from BFT without flinching — yet Nic put some great pressure on him and stopped several points from being added to Man Shave’s total.