Pub League Game Day Report — 4/11/21

A cool April Sunday made for a great day of hurling out in Arvada

Munster vs Ulster

Kicking off the season with seven vs seven these two teams woke up their legs quickly.

Ulster came out of the gate strong scoring a few quick points. Damien Griffin proved to be a strong full forward who can quickly win balls and fire on net or over the bar. Jamie Haskell also proved to be a player Munster needed to watch out for — intercepting puckouts and scoring from the half-back line.

With a few great puck outs from Collin Lee to the midfield line and passing among the forwards, Munster was able to set up a few goals to narrow the score by half time.

Munster came back strong in the second half of the match. Their strategy of driving puckouts away from Jamie proved a success breach in Ulster’s defense. In the end Ulster was ablet to use the field better — winning more loose balls and sending them over the bar.

Stand Out Players:

Jamie was the driving force behind Ulster’s success. He was able to scoop any loose balls Munster let slide by and either send them over the bar immediately or set up some goals through well placed passes the full forward line.

Munster’s break star was new Camog Heather Oglesby. In her first match she was able take advantage of a scramble in from of the net and score a goal — in addition to a couple great assists to veteran players. She is proving to be a great asset for Munster this season.

Leinster vs Connacht

After a year off due to COVID, Leinster and Connacht were hungry for goals — mainly forwards Tyler (L) and Adam Kiefert (C). Once either of them were fed a good ball you could count on it making its way into the net.

This second match proved to be even tighter than the previous. Both teams were able to field solid puck outs to the mid field line or into the forwards. Minus loose balls slipping through cracks left open by a pandemic year, the hustle was strong. The deciding factor on Connacht’s side was a few great points scored by Adam O’Leary and Brendan Reed from the middle of the field. Which goes to show, goals may be worth more, but points often decide a match.

Key Players From the Match

Kate Behan proved to be a strong forward for Leinster — field balls sent into the corners and scoring a beautiful goal.

Tim Shaw shone as a crucial player for Connacht. An intimidating force on the field he cleaned up any loose balls Leinster let slide and was able to drive a few points from 65 frees awarded to Connacht.