Pub League Breakdown 5/2

Thunderstorms and rain threatened to cancel pub league once again… But as the weather is wont to do in Colorado, the inclement weather over Ralston Recreational park passed quickly and made for a wonderfully cool afternoon for some hurling.

Game 1: Bayer Ear Clinic (2-9) v Talnua (3-11)

Talnua (Munster) scored an automatic win this weekend since Bayer (Ulster) was forced to forfeit because they did not have seven players on their roster available to play. Bayer did pick up a few players from The Rover and Man Shave so the two teams could have a competitive scrimmage.

Talnua had O’Hare in goal for the first time this year, giving Colin a chance to play in the forward line. As always, Jamie proved to be a strong force on the Bayer side — scoring points with laser-like precision wherever he scooped up a ball on the field. Cody and Keefe did a good job on Talnua’s mid-field, making sure loose balls were cleaned up and sent over the bar or into the full-forward line. Heather did a great job of rounding up passes sent her way from the Talnua midfield.

New Player Highlight

Nic (T) held his own as a back against veteran forward Schaefer (B). While Schaefer was able to get a few points and goals past him, Nic did a fantastic job putting the pressure on him, making sure many of the scraps near the net were cleared away back down the field.


Keefe put up a great block on a shot popped off by Bobby, but the block put the ball right back in Bobby’s hand, which he was able to send right back over the bar!

Game 2: The Rover (6-13) v Man Shave (6-7)

This proved to be a competitive match. Brian McCarthy and Kyle on Dunne on The Rover (Leinster) worked hard in the first half to shut down Man Shave’s (Connacht) scoring machine Kiefert. Man Shave was able to keep pace with Brendan scoring plenty of points from a distance.

Keith Healey was the top player for The Rover this match; he set up many great plays from the midfield for the full forwards to score a goal or point, along with sending several balls over the bar himself. Slattery was also a strong player for The Rover — scooping up loose balls and winding his way through any defensive measures put forth by Man Shave.

Tim Shaw was the top player for Man Shave — doing his best to shut down The Rover’s strong forwards. His ability to hit clear the ball down the field into Kiefert’s hands where he evened up the goal side of the scoreboard in the second half when The Rover’s defense was tired after covering him heavily in the first.

In the end, the many high-flying points scored by Ryan Coon on The Rover decided the match — demonstrating that while goals are worth three times a point, it is points that often settle a match.