Pub League 6/20

After a heatwave week in the high 90s dipping into the 100s, Father’s Day was in the 80s, which provided a great day for some hurling.

Bayer Ear Clinic (4-9) v. The Irish Rover (6-15)

With Jaime back out on the field for Bayer, they came back strong for this match. Balls were caught in the hand at the middle of the field from puck outs. In the end, the Rover strung together more passes and plays to take the win.


Highlights From the Match

Slattery tried to pull one of his signature flicks of the sliotar over Murph, but he was able to tip it away and stop Slattery from making a run in on goal.

Kate Behan and Ryan Coon worked well together, connecting passes consistently in their offensive zone to score both points and goals.

Brian O’Haire was at the top of his game filling in for goal on Bayer’s side. He stopped as many balls from going into the net as a human possibly could given the pressure The Rover put on him.

Matt McGuire ran a long solo down the field through Bayer defenders to score a point from the half-forward line.

Talnua (3-11) v. Man Shave (12-18)

Down a few key players, Talnua fought hard against Man Shave’s line up of solid players. Kiefert proved to be a scoring machine though Brian O’Haire played a great game in goal—diving and blocking many tricky shots from Kiefert. Bobby also had a great game in goal for Man Shave—during a handful of scrums in front of the net where Talnua was constantly pulling on ground balls, Bobby’s legs were deflecting them away.

Working on the nuances of the rules, the umpires called a square ball on one Talnua goal. Coming in high from a shot by Paul, Kendall went to crash the goal to clean up a rebound or scoop up a short ball. While tracking the ball, he ended up crossing into the small square before the ball entered the space. When a forward enters the square before the ball, any score does not count.