Pub League 6/13

A hot day for hurling!

Game 1: Man Shave (8-12) v. The Rover (10-9)

The score remained tight throughout both halves of this match. Despite the heat, all the fundamentals of training came together for both teams. With Man Shave putting up some impressive blocks on The Rover’s stronger players like Keith and Tyler.




Another great sign was the number of assists for points and goals on both sides. Puck outs were won and passed up the field to their intended targets to make it over the bar or into the goal.

Ultimately a couple last minute goals scored by Ryan Coon secured the match for The Rover.

New Player Highlight

Man Shave’s Ben held his own as a full back against The Rover’s strong forwards — going up and tipping or trying to nab high balls, and fighting for ground balls.

Game 2: Bayer Ear Clinic (7 – 6) v. Talnua (9 – 18)

The first half of this match was close with the center of the field being the place where points and goals were decided — anyone off their mark meant things going against their will. Luckily both teams had enough people to provide a couple subs and allow for some much needed hydration to beat the heat.

Talnua connected all the dots in the second half — upping their communication to connect passes and puck outs to their players setting up intentional points and goals.





Bayer’s defense remained strong throughout both halves. They put the pressure on Talnua’s forwards to clear out loose balls in front of the goals and move them back up the field. In the end Talnua’s focus on quick points in the second half when the pressure was off and a few last minutes goals gave the match to them.