Pub League 4/25 Recap

After a week of on and off snow, the April weather turned for the better and made for a beautiful sunny day for some hurling!

Game 1: Connacht (9-10) v Munster (3-10)

Connacht came out strong for their second match of the season. Munster being down a few key players, had their work cut out for them against scoring powerhouses Kiefert in the full-forward line and Brendan from the middle of the field. Brendan was probably the player of the match — if given the ball, he could send it over the bar from pretty much anywhere on the field.

Munster held their own though. Cody was able to send a good number of balls over the ball for some points, and Keefe managed to get two in the net. And in his first match of the season, Oscar was able to score a point.

The points were pretty even in this match, with the goals being the deciding factor. If Munster can get its full team together and shut down Adam, they can turn the tides later in the season — especially if Sean Sweeney keeps fouling…

Game 2: Leinster (4-20) v Ulster (1-7)

In a departure from the first week of pub league, this game started as an all point scoring affair. Seasoned campaigners Shay Dunne (U) and John Slattery (L) manned the goals for the first half, proving impossible to beat. Paddy Behan and Jamie Haskell kept Ulster in the game with some great points from distance. However, Leinster had potent scorers all over the field with 10 of their players putting up numbers on the scoresheet (a number that will be tough to match for any team this season).

Newcomer Zach Yarnell, along with Chris Gleissner and Adrian Stahlbaum (L), all had excellent points from the forward line.  Keith Healy (L) and Kate Behan added multiple points each to give Leinster a 0-10 to 0-4 lead at the half.

In the second half, Leinster started to pull away, with Matt McGuire scoring 1-4 in 10mins to help put the game beyond Ulster. Tyler Boisvert added a couple of goals to seal the victory for Leinster. Ulster continued to fight, with Jamie Haskell scoring a goal and Katie Buckler and Spencer Frady contributing a point each in the 2nd half.

Both teams are 1-1 after the first two weeks and will look to get some important players back next week.

Stand Out Players From the Second Game:

“On fire” Matt McGuire broke the game open with a scoring burst in the second half. He was able to find space throughout the game in midfield and the half-forward line and got his shots off quickly and accurately.

Leinster Camog Kate Behan continued her stellar start to the season, winning a lot of balls in the forward line and contributing 3 points to the victory.