6/6 Playing for the Craic

Arvada forgot our field time shifted to the morning and schedule make-up soccer games for those canceled by the wet May we had this year for our 10 – 2 pm time slot. However, we were able to secure our 2 – 4 pm time slot to play a few matches. Since the update was communicated last minute, and many teams’ players already had plans for the afternoon, we decided not to count the games towards this season’s pub league points.

Despite the change, we had enough players show up to play two full games for fun.

Game 1: Man Shave v. Bayer Ear Clinic Amalgam

Man Shave showed up with enough players to field a team, while Bayer only had a handful able to make the later time slot. Fortunately, a host of Talnua and Rover players decided they wanted some extra game time and hopped in for a fun scrimmage.

Game 2: Talnua v The Rover + a Stick Toss

While Talnua and the Rover both had enough players make it out to avoid a forfeit on either side, it was decided since the first game did not count toward pub league points, this game shouldn’t either. The Bayer and Man Shave players who wanted to stick around for more hurling tossed their sticks into a pile and were randomly split up to either the Rover or Talnua so that we could play 11 a side with two subs.

Clouds moved over the sun, and the first half saw a light misting of rain, which provided a much-appreciated break from the heat. Overall the game was competitive and displayed some physicality the Denver Gaels will need against the stiff competition at the Rumble in the Rockies in July and Nationals in August.