5/16 — a Grey Day for Some Pub League

Though May has been unusually wet for Colorado, the grey skies and looming precipitation did not block some fine hurling from being played in Arvada.

Game 1: Talnua (2-11) v. Man Shave (4-16)

Hard fought battles were the theme of this match. Talnua saw the return of two key players—Peter Salazar and Matt (Jako) Jakubowski.

Kiefert was the key player for Man Shave, putting four into the goal and four over the bar. Brendan and O’Leary helped put up many points from the middle of the field as well.

Paul proved to be the backbone for Talnua, scoring two goals and three points. Peter ran around the entire field helping out wherever the ball roamed, scoring four points. And Colin doing his best in the backs’ line to shut down Man Shave’s forwards.

Game 2: Bayer (5-18) v. The Rover (11-10)

This match was all about goals, which is no surprise with Tyler (Rover) and Greg Sheedy (Bayer) in the full-forward lines for their teams. Eleven goals is a pretty rare sight for a hurling match, but with players like Ryan, Matt, and Tyler, who rarely let a loose ball slip by they put up some impressive numbers.

Despite Bayer’s backs Jaime and Paddy being occupied with guarding The Rover’s forwards they were able to put up some impressive points from a distance.

Injury Report

Brian (Macker) proved his dedication to the Rover by blocking a shot from Jaime with his “McRibs”. (Don’t think we’ll be getting any sponsorship from McDonalds though…)

Thoughts for the Rest of Pub League 2021

With teams recouping numbers from vaccinations or freedom from personal obligations, the competition is rising. Man Shave and the Rover are proving to be the teams to beat this season — Kiefert being a tour-de-force up on the full-forward line for Man Shave and Cormac being an every-man on the field, while the Rover has Ryan, Tyler, and Slattery able to pop off points from seemingly impossible angles.

Talnua has several strong players with Peter and Jako back in the mix, and if they can put together strong attendance, they can give the others a run for their money. Similar story for Bayer, they have strong point scorers with Bobby and Jaime, but with Greg being a strong goal scorer, they can turn things around in the near future.