Traveling Club Teams

Traveling Teams


For each of our four sports we form competitive traveling teams that travel to play the other top gaelic clubs in the country. Our season takes place in the Spring and Summer and breaks into three key segments.

March-April: Pre-Season training
This is when we do a big recruiting push and introduce new players to the games with introductory clinics. For returning players this is when we shake off the winter rust and ramp up our fitness levels for the season.

May – July League and Tournaments
Starting in late April through July we have local pub leagues where we split into teams sponsored by local pubs and play each other weekly on a round robin basis. The leagues are co-ed and are focused on spirited recreational competition so all players can develop their skills. We also do weekly training sessions that focus on skill and fitness building to prepare for our league and inter-club competitions.

One weekend during this time our club’s best players will travel to a another city to play in a tournament and challenge our skills against other clubs across country. In the past we’ve traveled to Portland, Seattle, San Diego, Dallas, Albuquerque, and Indianapolis.

Late July-August: Championship Preparation 
At this time our club’s most dedicated players ramp up their training efforts to prepare for the North American championships. We typically train 2-3 times per week and players are putting in extra hours in the gym and track to get their bodies in prime shape to perform at the National Stage.

Visit out specific team pages for info on training times and locations:

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