Adding Denver Gaels Calendars to Your Device

Using the “calendar IDs” below, you can add the Denver Gaels calendars to your Google Calendar and your mobile device.

  • General Events Calendar:
  • Football Calendar:
  • Ladies Football Calendar:
  • Camogie Calendar:
  • Hurling Calendar:

How to add these calendars to your Google Calendar

  • On a pc, open your Google Calendar.
  • On the left hand side, under “Other Calendars”, in the box with the text “Add a friend’s calendar” – enter one of the Calendar IDs from above and hit enter.
  • Crack open a Dale’s Pale Ale, you’re done!

If you don’t like the calendar name, hover over the calendar name, click on the downward pointing triangle and choose “Calendar Settings” to edit it.

How to add these calendars to your mobile device

For iOS Devices:

  • If you’ve already added the calendar to your Google Calendar using the steps above, and your device already syncs with that calendar, then you’re almost done!
  • On PC, while logged into your Google account, go to:
  • Add checks to each calendar that you wish to sync to your device.
  • These calendars will now appear on your device.

Read More for iOS

For Android devices:

  • Add the calendars to your Google Calendar.
  • On your device, open your Calendar app.
  • Open the settings for your account and sync the application.
  • It’s possible that you will need to visit before performing step 3.