20th Anniversary Jersey Order

For our 20th year anniversary, we are releasing a special edition kit.  Jerseys and shorts are available for sale to our members and fans for a one time discount if purchased before April 30th. After May 1st you can purchase on the O’Neills website for retail price.

  • Purchasing the jersey is optional, the club is purchasing a set of jerseys for each team to play in.
  • Jerseys are $50 and shorts will be $24 for. Shipping and tax is included in the price for Colorado residents only. The Jerseys normally retail with O’Neills at $60 + international shipping & taxes. For non-Colorado residents we will work out shipping prices with you directly.
  • To receive this discount you must enter your order by April 30th.

If you would like to order a jersey and/or shorts, please fill out the form below completely including payment via  paypal.

 Men’s Jerseys                                                                  


Women’s Jerseys