2022 League Registration

What is Pub League?

Starting in mid-April through July we have local Pub League games where we split the club into four teams named after the provinces of Ireland and play each other on a weekly basis. The leagues are co-ed focus on spirited recreational competition so player of all levels can learn and develop their skills.

For team rosters and game schedules you can visit our 2021 Hurling and Gaelic Football Pub League pages.

Only players who have paid club dues and registered with the USGAA are allowed to participate in Pub League games. The Dues pay for our fields and the USGAA registration covers insurance. If you have not done either please visit our membership page.

Where Are Games Held?

Games are held at Ralston Recreation Area in Arvada. The Field is located on the north side of Arvada West High School.

Be Drafted Onto One of Our Pub League Teams

To play in our Pub League, you must pay club dues on our membership signup page and register with the USGAA. Registering with the USGAA provides supplemental insurance coverage for Pub League and tournament play.